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I like beautiful things


Studio WDLND is the creative studio of Einar Guðmundsson, an Icelandic graphic designer in the process of relocating to Lisbon, Portugal. Einar graduated with B.A. in Graphic Design / Visual Communication from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2012 and from printing technology from Technical College Reykjavík in 2017.

Einar has over 6 years experience working at several advertising agencies in Iceland such as Íslenska and H:N markaðssamskipti, and app company App Dynamic / AirServer.

The studio will be open for new clients and projects from October 2018.

While relocating to Portugal, the web shop will be closed until further notice.


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T: +351 913 126 653
T: +354 696 0001





Hús & Híbýli (interior magazine) 2018

It's Nice That / 2015

Í boði náttúrunnar (magazine) / 2015

DV Newspaper / 2014

Inspiration of Book / 2014

Taktabrot ( / 2012

Iceland Design Centre's Blog / 2012, 2013, 2015



All works © Studio WDLND // Einar Guðmundsson 2009-2018. Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Einar Guðmundsson.